Today we will take a look at French pronouns. Pronouns are very important because they are used very frequently in  daily conversation. The most important thing to understand about pronouns is how and when to use them. Make note of the following:

I-Je- you do the speaking when using  the pronoun I.  For example:  I am American,  I am a woman
French translation- Je suis américaine, Je suis une femme.

You-Tu- Someone is saying something to you or asking you a question.  For example: Are you American?
French translation-  Tu es américaine?

He/She/it-Elle/Il- Person being spoken about .  For example:   She  is pretty. He is handsome
French translation- Elle est belle.  Il est beau.
Take  the time to study these pronouns and be sure to learn when to use them.
Next lesson we will cover the plural forms of the pronouns.   Happy study


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