The function of a pronoun is to replace a noun.  Some pronouns can be substituted for nouns.  Here are some examples:  There is no substitution for Yo-I, because you are doing  the speaking.

I am short- Yo soy baja.
No substitution for You- Tú because you are the person being spoken to
Are you American?  ¿Tú eres Americano,  no ?
ella-she   You can substitute él for a boy’s name:  Pablo es alto- He the boy(él) is tall.
Mayra es alta. -She the girl(ella) is tall.

When learning how to speak it is very important to learn how and when to use the subject pronouns.
Study  the above pronouns.  Next lesson I will go over the formal forms and the plural forms of the pronouns.  Happy study.


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  1. Hi Nicole:My daughter is in her third year of Spanish, I'm going to refer her to your blog. Thanks!Regards,Donna


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