Last lesson  I covered  the singular forms of the pronouns, today I would like to talk about the formal  forms and the plural forms.  There are two ways to express you in Spanish. tú/usted.  Tú is used to speak to a person you can call by first name, usted is used to  speak to someone you do not know well and to adults.
Examples:  Tú eres mi mejor amigo.  You are my best friend/ ¿ Es usted  el padre de Jose?  Are you Jose’s dad?  Here are the plural forms of the subject pronouns:  Nosotros/Nosotras-We  / used when the speaker includes himself/herself in the conversation.  Nosotros somos Mexicanos- You and I (we) are Mexicans. This form includes a mixed group of males/females.  Nosotras somos Mexicanas- We the ( girls ) are Mexicans. This form refers to just females.  Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes–  Ellos son Mexicanos- They are Mexicans(male/females)  Ellas son Mexicanas( females ) The girls are Mexicans. Notice one can substitute Ellos with actual names( Marta/Marco-ellos)  (Marta/ Olivia- ellas)   Ustedes is you plural-  used to speak to more than one person.  Ustedes son Mexicanos.  You are Mexicans.  One last thing to mention.  Vosotros/Vosotras is second person plural.  This form is rarely used; therefore it is  not important to learn  these two forms.  Next lesson I will post an exercise that will allow you to practice  all the pronouns.
Happy study!


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