I have cried my last tears for the family and all the other Haitians that have died in the earthquake. Now it is time to take action to help Haiti rebuild. In Colorado, where I currently live we have had a community meeting to help raise money for Haiti relief. In my school district,I am part of a group that will have a district wide bake sale next Tuesday from 7am-9am. All proceeds will go to the organization called Lambi Fund of Haiti.

After spending so many hours and days
After spending so many days

in tears and despair, I am amaze

with the outpouring of support of so many

people from all over the world ready

to give a helping hand to those in need

such compassion can indeed

bring relief and hope to a nation

whose people have seen enough devastation

Today, tomorrow will be a new beginning

now the tears can be replaced with thankfulness and  singing


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  1. I'm also amazed. I hear they have raised over 9 million dollars but I have to wonder if all is getting there. What do you think? When I see Haiti on TV it doesn't look any better.


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