Finally, you bring home your newly adopted child.  You would like to be left alone , but you are being followed by the media and people are flocking to your door.  My advise is to be polite,  people just want to help.  Eventually things will get back to normal.   In the school district where I teach I am the only Haitian American teacher.  The news media interviewed me,  soon after that  I kept getting phone calls for more interviews.  One radio station interviewed me in Spanish. I welcomed the opportunities because the exposure is helping bring  the dire situation in Haiti for the world to see.  So far, the icing on the cake has been a group of Arab women  who contacted me after seeing me on TV.  They work for an organization called “Friends of the World.”  They are going to do a major fundraiser for Haiti relief.  Please do not get discouraged and upset if you find yourself being  approached by strangers who wants to help, I promise things will eventually settle down.  Enjoy the attention while it lasts, because  before you know it , you will be left  to  yourself to face the challenges of being a new mom or dad. As always, please post any questions.
Happy Parenting!

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