All languages have verbs, and it is very important to learn the verb conjugations of a language you are trying to learn. Most people make the grave error of trying to learn a new language  without understanding fully the mechanics  of grammatical structures.  Unfortunately, grammar is not everyone’s favorite subject.  One can’t become fluent without understanding  some very basic grammar structures.  French verbs are very different from English verbs.  Now that you have  hopefully mastered and learned the subject pronouns we are ready to  take a close look at verb conjugations.  There are  3  family of verbs in the French language: 1stconjugation, 2nd conjugation, 3rd conjugation.   We will focus our attention on 1st conjugation verbs .  All regular 1st conjugation verbs end in ER. PARLER-to speak,  CHANTER-to sing, TRAVAILLER-to work.
The personal endings for 1st conjugation verbs are:    JE-E ,    TU-ES  ,   IL/ELLE/ON-E,   NOUS-ONS,  VOUS-EZ,  ILS/ELLES-ENT

Sample conjugations- Parler, Chante, Travailler

Je Parle
Tu Parles
Il/elle/on Parle
Nous parlons
Vous Parlez

                                                                       Ils/Elles Parlent

Je Chante
Tu Chantes
Il/Elle/On Chante
Nous Chantons

                                                                       Vous Chantez
                                                                       Ils/Elles Chantent

Je Travaille
Tu Travailles
Il/Elle/On Travaille
Nous Travaillons
Vous Travaillez

Ils/Elles Travaillent

Before you conjugate a verb you always drop the infinitive endings and add the personal endings to match the person doing the action. REMEMBER Je- person doing the speaking, tu- person spoken to,  il/elle- person being spoken about,  nous- the speaker includes himself/herself ,  vous- speaking to more than one person,  ils/elles- speaking about  mixed group of males / female(ils)  Elles- group of girls only. I suggest you go back to the earlier post on subject pronouns.  Make sure you understand fully how they are used.

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  1. Gosh, I wish you lived near so you could tutor my daughter! She's having a bit of difficulty in French.


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