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Underline the subject in each sentence. Then write the subject pronoun that could replace each subject.

1. Jean est mon ami.

2. Annick parle Français et Anglais.

3. Monsieur Carter est professeur.

4. Charlotte habite à Londres.

5. Madame et monsieur Lambert sont Espagnoles

6. Nicholas adore le tennis.

7. Patrick a deux ans.

8. Jean-Paul est américain.

9. Michèle aime des frittes.

10. Marie et Colette sont timides.

11. Papa et moi parlons bien français.

Next post, I will go over the correct answers.

Bon week-end!


French Subject Pronouns

In English Subject pronouns   refer to a specific person or people and act as subjects of a sentence or clause. In English subject pronouns are I, you, he, she, it, we, they. Pronouns can be used to avoid repeating the subject once it has been made clear.

Dan lives in a house. He is from Denver.

Nicole and Rachelle met Tom and they really liked him.

The beauty of learning a foreign language it helps you understand your own language better. It is impossible to learn subject pronouns in French if you do not know what they are in your own language.

In French The subject pronouns are je or j’(I), tu (you), il (he), elle (she), on (one), nous (we), vous (you), ils (they), elles (they).

T o say you, use tu to talk to a friend, a family member, or someone your age. Use vous to talk to more than one person or to an adult who is not a family member.

To say they, use elles when you are talking about two or more females. Use ils when talking about a group of males or a mixed group of males and females.

The pronoun on has no direct equivalent in English. It can mean one, we, or people in general.

I suggest you spend some time reviewing the French pronouns. Next lesson  I will cover how to use the subject pronouns.
 Happy Study


Looking forward to a new year, thankful 2009 is over with.

Today is gone
tomorrow is upon
us with renewed hope
We learn to cope
with life’s unexpected woes
      and say adios
          to today
for tomorrow is a new day!


Happy New  Year Everyone! Hope you all had a restful holiday.  Here are the answers to my last post:

1. Ella
2. Nosotros
3. Ellos/Ellas
4. Yo
5. El( there should be an accent on the  E, sorry my computer has been acting up)
6. El(  there should be an accent on this  E too)
7. Tu( accent on the U , sorry I hope to get my computer working properly soon.)
8. Ellas
9. Ella

Next post I will cover French pronouns.