Haitian children  love maiz moulu.  This is basically coarse ground corn.  In the United States it is called polenta.  To prepare it  boil three cups of water, add one cup polenta and stir well.  Most Haitians eat it with avocado slices  and top it with herring.  To prepare herring stir fry onions, garlic and oil, add the herring  let it  simmer until the onions are tender.  This dish is definitely a favorite for all Haitian children.  You can buy the herring at most grtocery store.  Make sure it is the salted variety.  Look for it in the fish section of your grocery store.


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  1. Thank you for this blog. My husband and I were in the middle of processing our paperwork for a Haitian adoption when the earthquake struck. Now, we have no idea when everything will open up again, but we are waiting and praying. We both love to cook though and I like the idea of practicing Haitian recipes now so they are natural later. Thank you for your outreach. We are also teachers– we are near Glenwood Springs, so about three hours from Denver.


  2. Had and Linds,Glad you like my blog. Please keep in touch. Let me know when your kids arrive to Colorado. I will keep you in my prayers.Regards,Nicole


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