In my last post  I spoke about first conjugation verbs.  Hopefully my followers were able to spend time reviewing the first conjugation verbs.
  A second class of verbs are called second conjugation verbs , they end in IR
                     CHOISIR– To choose/ FINIR– To finish
                       Je- choisis/finis
                       Tu- choisis/finis
                       Il – choisit/finit
                       Elle- choisit/finit
                       On- choisit/finit
                       Nous- choisissons/finissons
                       Vous- choisissez/finissez
                       Ils- choisissent/finissent
                       Elles- choisissent/finissent


3 responses to this post.

  1. Please take the time to study these verbs, next post I will cover 3rd conjugation verbs.Nicole


  2. My daughter is struggling with this same thing in French class! I'm going to show her your post.


  3. Mayra,Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope my post will help your daughter.Nicole


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