Haitian Peas and Rice- A delightful dish guaranteed to please

Would you like to put some sparkle in the eyes of your little one?  Here is a recipe that will definitely bring some delight to their faces.  This is one of my favorite meal, my mom made for me. Here is the recipe.

Cook white rice according to directions.  For the peas you can use frozen .  This is similar to American pea soup, but has no ham, carrots and Haitians eat it with rice.

2 packages of  frozen sweet peas.
put peas in a pot cook until tender
take half of the cooked peas
blend in a blender until smooth
mix the blended peas with the
remaining half of peas, and enough  water to make a hearty soup consistency  add some
seasoning like  seasoned garlic salt( I prefer to use a can of chicken broth as opposed to water, the broth makes it more flavorful)
or chicken cubes, simmer for around
ten minutes until all of the seasoning is
well blended, serve over white  rice
with chicken.  Refer to my previous post on
how to make Haitian chicken.


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