I hope all of  you  had plenty of time to master the first/second conjugation verbs.  The final family of verbs we will examine is called third conjugation:  All third conjugation verbs end in RE.   DESCENDRE- to descend, to go down- Remove the RE infinitive ending add  (S) for Je/Tu- take away RE for  Il/Elle,  (ONS) for Nous,  (EZ) for Vous,  (ENT) for Ils/Elles
je descends                                 nous descendons
tu descends                                 vous descendez

il descend                                    ils descendent

elle descend                                elles descendent

Je descends de l’ascenseur.  I am coming down the elevator.

Maman descend l’escalier.  Mom is coming down the stairs.

Please spend some time reviewing the third conjugations.

Happy study!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for the lesson, Nicole. My french always needs this kind of reminding.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep me posted when you will be traveling to NY…I'd be deligthed to meet you in person!Warm regards,Donna


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