Thomas Nelson provided me with a free copy of Sarah’s Garden  written by Kelly Long.
I enjoyed reading the book and learning about the Amish culture.  This is the first book about the Amish people I have read.  Since I love to garden, I decided it would be a good book to read.  Sarah, the main character is torn between the love for an English man and being uprooted from her home and community.  She is a kind  young lady who wants to follow God’s plan for her life.

I loved  the way the author used Amish words throughout the book.   The author did a very good job of representing the Amish way of life.  They are a very close knit group of people.  

The part of the book I liked the least was the ending.  I thought the author could  have done a better job of making the ending more realistic.  I was very disappointed to say the least.  I also thought  Grant showed very little respect for Sarah, he was in my opinion too pushy  with his desire to win over her heart.  I also felt he was way out of line  for letting Sarah’s dad know he loved his daughter while in the hospital recovering from heart surgery.  The author could have chosen a better time for Grant to reveal his feelings for Sarah.  This was another part of the story that was very unrealistic. 

In closing , I  did learn  a lot about Amish culture and their language, that part was very enjoyable.


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