Today we will focus on the pronouns JE and NOUS.  The pronoun JE is used when you the speaker is saying something- Always 1st person singular.

EXAMPLES:  1.JE parle  chinois. I speak Chinese.  2. Je travaille. I am working. 3.Je danse- I am dancing. 4. Je mange la pizza. I am eating the pizza. 5. Je bois le coca cola- I am drinking the coke.

The pronoun NOUS is used when the speaker includes herself/himself in the conversation- Always  1st person plural

1.Nous parlons chinois- We speak Chinese. 2.Nous travaillons- We are working 3.Nous dansons- We are dancing. 4.Nous mangeons la pizza-We are eating the pizza. 5. Nous buvons le coca cola- We are drinking the coke.

These two pronouns are very important to know and undertand  because they are used in daily conversation.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AN AUDIO ON HOW TO PRONOUNCE THE ABOVE SENTENCES:  A0000015

TIP OF THE DAY:  Make flashcards of the above sentences/ either draw or print out pictures from the internet that represent each sentence.  As you listen to the audio  take the time to look over the flashcards, this will help you learn the material a lot faster.  This is a proven method  I have used in my classroom for the past 25 years.


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  1. Je parle francais un petit petit peut. That’s about all I can say in French.I think that’s how it’s spelled. Thanks for the refresher.
    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker


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