French and Spanish are both romance languages, but Spanish is a little different.  Just like in French the  first person singular form of the pronoun is used to speak about yourself.

EXAMPLES:  Yo hablo- I am speaking, Yo como la tortilla- I am eating the tortilla, Yo camino-I am walking, Yo bailo-I am dancing, Yo canto-I am singing.  Once you learn the  pronouns you can omit using the  YO when speaking.

In French there is one form for  1st person plural- NOUS, but Spanish has two forms NOSOTROS- masculine and feminine  which is used when the speaker  includes both male and female.  EXAMPLES:  Nosotros hablamos con la chica- We(boys and girls) are speaking to the girl.  Nosotros comemos  una manzana roja- We are eating a red apple.

Nosotras hablamos con la chica- We( girls only) are speaking to the girl, Nosotras  comemos la manzana roja- We  are eating the red apple.

The yo , nosotros, nosotras pronouns are important to know because just like in French they are used in daily conversations.

TIP OF THE DAY:  make flashcards of the above sentences and be sure to attach a picture to each sentence for easier learning.


2 responses to this post.

  1. It’s nice to have this little refresher on Spanish. I had it in school, and this brought a lot of it back to me. I’ll be back to read more. Thanks, Nicole!


  2. Thanks Connie for stopping by!


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