Last lesson I spoke about the French pronouns il/elle.  Today will talk about the él/ella in Spanish.  Remember French and Spanish are both romance languages, they have similar conventions and grammatical structures.

ÉL can be replaced with a masculine singular noun- place, person, or thing
Ella can be replaced with a feminine singular noun-place, person or thing

EXAMPLES: Pablo es Cubano- Él es Cubano, Julio Iglesias es Español,  Él es Español, Denzel Washington es Americano- Él es Americano-(Pronouns are used to replace nouns)

EXAMPLES: María es Cubana- Ella es Cubana,   Eva es española- Ella es española,  Halle Berry es americana- Ella es americana

Again there is no guess work; you need to understand how to use these pronouns because they are used on a daily basis to communicate with people!

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  1. This is GREAT, Nicole! Gracias…


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