The verb être is a very important verb in the French language.  It is used in daily conversations.


Je suis
Tu es
Il est
Elle est
Nous Sommes
Vous êtes
Ils sont
Elles sont

In many of my previous post I used the verb être to describe and say thing about others.  Notice when saying something about yourself you also use the être.  Here are some examples

Je suis Haïtienne- I am Haïtien
Je suis petite-  I am short
Je suis mince-  I am thin or skinny

Here is where learning when to use the subject pronouns comes in handy.  In my previous posts we covered in details when to use the subject pronouns, now we are ready to study verbs.

Make no mistake; you MUST UNDERSTAND how to use verbs before you can master a new language.

I used the subject pronoun JE to say something about myself
The subject TU is used when someone is talking directly to you
Tu es Haïtienne? – Are you Haitian?

The subject IL is used when speaking about a male
IL est Haïtien ? – Is he Haitian?

The subject Elle is used when speaking about a girl
Elle est Haïtienne? – Is she Haitian?

Please take the time to review this information.  My next post I will cover the plural forms of être.


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  1. This brings back memories of my days in a French Catholic elementary school where we studied 15 minutes of the language a day.


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