Tradebook Tips for Teachers from Children’s Author Pat McCarthy

Join me in welcoming Pat McCarthy on day 3 of her Virtual Book Tour by the National Writing for Children Center.

My book Heading West: Life with the Pioneers is ideal for use in the classroom. In most states, you’ll find coverage of pioneers in the curriculum at two or three different levels. In fourth grade, it’s often combined with local history, while in fifth grade, the emphasis is usually on U.S. history. Pioneer life is an important part of that history.

The book is an in-depth history of the pioneer movement, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. The use of sidebars and quotes breaks it up and makes it easier for children to use. The book contains about 100 photos, drawings, paintings, maps and charts. This makes it easier for children to visualize what pioneer life was like.

Children learn and remember best when they are involved in enjoyable activities. This book contains 21 activities for kids to do. These include craft activities (diorama, miniature log cabin, clothespin doll and teepee), recipes (making corn bread, snow ice cream, apple butter and butter), games (Blind Man’s Bluff and Moonwinder), as well as mapping and writing activities. You may also find the lists of books to read and websites to explore to be helpful.


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  1. Posted by Kristi Bernard on November 19, 2010 at 1:25 am

    Great information here ladies.


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