Join me in welcoming Rachelle Burk’s day 3 of her Virtual book tour with The National Writing for Children Center

Day 3: Tradebook Tips for Teachers from Author Rachelle Burk

Tree House in a Storm (Stemmer House Publishers, 2009) is a picture book for ages 5-10. Set in New Orleans during the notorious Hurricane Betsy of 1965, a brother and sister build a tree house where they play throughout the lazy summer. When the tree house becomes a victim of the hurricane, the children count their blessings and learn what it takes to rebuild their dreams. The book serves as an effective discussion tool for the classroom, as it explores natural disaster, loss, hope, and resiliency as topics of universal theme.

I offer a free Teacher’s Guide to Tree House in a Storm, which can be printed directly from the book’s web page. It includes a discussion guide and activity ideas for various grade levels. Other activities relating to the book include coloring sheets (from the illustrator’s original sketches), Draw-a-Treehouse, Maze, Word Search, Find-the-Differences, and Crossword Puzzle. You can find all these at


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