I am thrilled to host author Dawn Menge on my blog today. Thank you for your support, comments are greatly appreciated.

Tradebook Tips for Teachers from Author Dawn Menge

The three books in the series are at different academic levels. The first in the series “Queen Vernita’s Visitors” is geared towards pre-k to first grade. For the younger learners taking a page at a time works best. Having the learners repeat the days of the weeks and months of the years as you read them helps to reinforce the math skills.

Queen Vernita visits the Blue Ice Mountains is centered on the flaura and fauna of Alaska. It is geared towards an academic level that includes up to fourth grade. During my school and library visits I have found that taking each page and discussing each animal or plant captures the learners attention. Encouraging further research by the learner themselves is always beneficial. I discuss where this research can be done, the internet, textbooks, libraries, teachers and parents.

Queen Vernita Meets sir HeathyBean the Astronomer is geared towards middle school and above. The same teaching style should be ued for this book as for the last one. Each page can be read and discussed seperately and it is encouraged to take each subject and explore it in further depth.

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