I’m thrilled to host, George W. Everett on the third day of his National Writing for Children Center’s author showcase. It is always a huge honor to meet other writers . I invite all to please feel free to leave comments. Thank you for your interest.

Day 3 – Tradebook Tips for Teachers from George W. Everett

I have attempted to make the illustrations of my books a story in themselves, and I believe that the children can relate to the cartoons long before they have the ability to read the story. It would be helpful to read to a small group so that the illustrations can be shared with all as the story is read. This story also features talking animals, so it could be used to teach personification. Students could discuss the various animals that are included in the story and explain why they think the author chose to include the various animals that he selected as characters for this story.

The book also features extensive dialogue. Students could study the dialogue and tell why they think the dialogue does or doesn’t sound like the way animals would talk if they could speak.

The story can also be used to help children learn to identify and count items. At the front of the book, before the story begins, I invite young readers to count the critters from Frog Holler that they find in the book.

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