Please join me in welcoming Mr. Victor Volkman on his day 3 of virtual book tour.

Tradebook Tips for Teachers from Publisher Victor Volkman

Welcome to Day 3 of this 6-day virtual tour to promote the wonderful books I am fortunate enough to publish. I’m Victor Volkman, CEO of the fastest-growing publishing company devoted to self-growth, recovery, psychology, and social work books.

Teachers and home schooling parents find our books particularly helpful. They can subscribe to our free month newsletter called Gaining Positive! at and we also have podcast interviews with our authors available to listen to any time at that often include tips for using the books in the classroom.

Several of our new books are showcased all this month at the National Writing for Children Center. Please visit the center at to learn more about them. And, to find out more about ALL of our books, please visit our website at

Follow Day 4 of my tour tomorrow at Leave a comment every day of my tour and your name will automatically be entered to win a Gift Box Bundle – filled with books and other goodies – at the end of the month, provided by the National Writing for Children Center.


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