I invite all to join me in welcoming Kerin Bellak-Adams on her day 3 of her virtual book tour.  I am extremely honored to host her on my blog .  Many students face enormous challenges, both academically and emotionally.  I am confident  that Kerin’s book can help prepare students for what lies ahead.

Tradebook Tips for Teachers from Author Kerin Bellak-Adams

Welcome to Day 3 of the 6-day virtual tour for my new book D/HD Success! Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem The Diary Method Ages 7-17. Today I’d like to share some ways teachers can use this book in the classroom. Teachers can use this book in a variety of ways and are as we speak. The Diary pages are the bulk of the book. These can be used in the classroom as in class assignments. Each child can pick which one that he or she wants to focus on in their age bracket, and work on that one until they reach their goals. These goals have to do with time-management, organization, awareness of self-esteem, and how well they monitor their own development in these ways, just to mention just a few!

Secondly, these students can fill out the self-esteem logs and see if theirs rises after feeling more confident and self-regulated as they work on their individual diary pages.

Thirdly, there are two other exercises that promote self-identification of feelings and promote and channel communication skills with their teachers, parents, and peers. These can be filled out easily in class, and used for discussions afterwards. One exercise is called “How High is My Self Esteem?” The other is “If Your Kids Could Say What is On Their Minds.”

There is a customized Home/School Accountability Form for teachers to fill out. After they have been scanned, they can be emailed to the parent as often as necessary so that the parent doesn’t have to think of what to ask, and the teacher can keep the parent up to date in-between parent/teacher conferences.

I also include legendary quotes from famous people that represent wonderful values about learning are mentioned quite often, and sometimes are funny and can muster up discussions.

Find out more about the book and read some sample pages at Also, don’t forget to visit the National Writing for Children Center, where my book is showcased all this month. You can listen to my recent interview on Book Bites for Kids there, plus find out what people are saying about my book.

Follow Day 4 of my tour tomorrow at Leave a comment every day of my tour and your name will automatically be entered to win a Gift Box Bundle – filled with books and other goodies – at the end of the month, provided by the National Writing for Children Center.

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  1. Building confidence and self-esteem in young children is so important. Thank you for tackling this very important job.

    Best wishes,
    Tribute Books


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