All children love adventure, no matter what part of the world they are from. Angela Karanja’s book Safari through the Land of Landu will enchant a child into seeking his or her own adventures through play. I love this book because the main character Dhahabu meets up with some of her friends with whom she must travel through an underground tunnel.

The author introduces the reader to all of Dhahabu’s friends: owls, rabbits, frogs, hippopotamuses, turtles, meerkats, and monkeys.

The animals raft across a pond and at each new location they meet up with new friends. Written in fun rhyme, Safari through the Land of Landu features the characters traveling together singing fun jingles to keep things cheerful. Finally they arrive at their final destination, only to discover that there is no food. Manku the monkey saves the day by climbing up a banana, pear, and an apple tree and throwing fruit at his friends. Everyone ends up having a great time.

This is a great book that teaches children about helping one another in time of need. It also highlights that each one of us is unique and when we support each other we can accomplish great things.

The hidden message in Safari through the Land of Landu that resonates well with me is that, while we all do not look exactly the same, each one of us is very important. As a school teacher, I often observe how some kids make fun of other children because of how they look physically. This book can be used in the classroom to teach children about accepting each other not for outward appearance — but for who they are inside.

The illustrations complement the story and bring it to life visually.

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