In the book Allison Investigates: Does Chocolate Milk Come from Brown Cows? a little girl asks a very simple question about where chocolate milk comes from. The answer she receives from her dad piques her curiosity.

This great book by debut author, Colette Omans Nicoletta brought  a huge smile to my face.  Reading the book took me down memory lane and stirred my brain into relishing once again the many happy times I experienced with my children’s  many questions about life.

Allison‘s curiosity takes her onward. Not satisfied with the answer from her dad, she asks her dad to drive to a farm to find the truth. At the farm Allison and her father meet Farmer Mike who patiently explains the life of cows — what they eat, how they are milked, the different kind of cows that graze on the farm — and then invites Allison to try her hand at the milking machine to watch the process. She then goes beyond the farm to the processing plant where the milk is pasteurized and then the additives make some of it into chocolate milk.

Cleverly written, the book showcases how most children learn by inquiring about life. It also shows that children are a blessing and what makes them so very special is the simple way they go about living life. Secondly, children in general have no hidden agendas; they will not hesitate to speak and ask questions.

I thought the author did an outstanding job with the illustrations.  I am most impressed that the book is  both written and illustrated by Colette Omans Nicoletta. Bravo! The author brought her story to life with her great illustrations.  I applaud her  many talents.

Lastly, I like the lesson one can draw from this book. All children have questions about life; it is our job as adults to answer those questions in a responsible way.

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