Tradebook Tips for Teachers from Children’s Author Michelle Hall

Welcome to day three of Michelle Hall’s 6-day NWFCC February Author Showcase tour.

City Dog and Country Cat “And So We Meet Again” is a very attractive, brightly colored picture book. This book is appropriate for teachers to use in their classrooms as a read to book or for those in their early school years ages 5 – 8, and learning to read on their own. Children’s interest, imagination and comprehension will be heightened by this book because there is as much visual, as well as the textual being offered in it. Children and teachers can discuss many areas that this story opens up for discussion. Such areas as proper pet care, the importance of friendships, going on long journeys, moving away from loved ones and happy reunions are just a few.

Oftentimes we find the child in the classroom, especially the younger ones, who have not yet found reading to be the greatest part of his or her day. A book with many words and few or no pictures can result in the teacher losing the attention of that child. City Dog and Country Cat is quick in getting to its plot, brings characters to life that the children can relate to and follow as the story develops. This book will keep the children in the classroom focused as they look forward to each new page of bright pictures, fun animals, adventure, humor, and surprise.

There is also more that this book brings to our children in the classroom. Teachers can use this book to talk about emotions and feelings. This book brings comfort, love and hope to our children. Sassy and Frisky, two very good friends are separated. Even though far from each other their love holds strong. Frisky is comforted by the love she remembers sharing with her friend and the hope to see her again. In the story Frisky is happily reunited with her best friend Sassy; but the story lets our little ones know that even when they can’t see their friends or be reunited with them, in their hearts and their memories their friends will always and forever remain.

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