Tradebook Tips for Teachers from Children’s Author Nancy Sanders

Welcome to day three of Nancy Sanders’ 6-day NWFCC February Author Showcase tour.

Q: This month we celebrate Black History Month. Do you have any resources for helping teachers incorporate African American History into the classroom?

A: Because my husband, Jeff, is a teacher, I understand how teaches can’t just use anything in their classroom. They have to teach to the state and national standards. That’s why many of my books support these standards in a variety of ways.

My book, America’s Black Founders: Revolutionary Heroes and Early Leaders with 21 Activities, supports the standards for teaching about American history in elementary, middle school, and high school. It is for age 9 and older. The book’s website is

On the book’s website, under the Teachers and Librarians page, educators can download PDF files for a free Teacher’s Guide that has worksheets and fun activities for classroom use.

Teachers and librarians can also visit a special ongoing Virtual Book Tour they can participate in with their students to celebrate Black History all year long. For instructions on how the tour works and also how to incorporate my books into their classroom for the tour, visit my website

Readers Theatre for African American History includes scripts for classroom use about America’s Black Founders as well as other key events and individuals.

Q: Do you write books specifically geared for teachers?

A: My husband, Jeff, and I have worked together on several books for teachers. With his expertise in the classroom as an elementary teacher for over 25 years and my experience as a children’s writer, we’ve teamed up to write books for teachers such as Hello Hi-Lo: Readers Theatre Math and 15 Fun-to-Read American History Mini-Books.

I’ve also written numerous books for teachers with Scholastic Teaching Resources. These books are reproducible mini-books or mini-book plays for classroom use. My book, 25 Read and Write Mini-Books That Teach Word Families (PreK-1) is listed as a bestseller for Scholastic and has sold over 234,000 copies to date!

Q: What other resources to you have for teachers to celebrate Black History Month in the classroom?

A: Along with the overall text of the book, America’s Black Founders contains numerous short biographies of key African Americans who influenced the founding of our nation in powerful ways. These bios are showcased in separate frames throughout the book, often with nearly-lost or hard-to-find historic portraits of these amazing men and women. Students can quickly see at a glance an overview of the lives of these important individuals, start recognizing their faces, and read even more about their lives within the context of the book’s pages of text.

Teachers can reproduce these bios as posters in their class, create a classroom book featuring these bios as the pages of the book, and invite students to post Wikipedia articles based on the information found in these biographies.

For more activities and tips about incorporating my books in the classroom, teachers and librarians can visit my website at

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  1. Hi Nicole, what a joy it is to be here on your blog today! Thanks for hosting me and best wishes on your own writing journey! -Nancy


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