Writing Tips from Children’s Author, Dacia Moore


Welcome to day four of Dacia Moore’s 6-day NWFCC April Author Showcase tour and learn valuable writing tips.

The best tip I have for anyone who tells me that they want to write a book is to get a writing coach.  I believe in coaching.  The best athletes have a coach.  A coach is someone who is outside of your circle and brings value to you in their perspective.  You want your book to be as marketable as possible and you’re writing a book from your area of expertise.  A writing coach can provide valuable insight in case you make assumptions about what the reader might know, or in the event that you miss vital details that are important to the general reader.    

Another benefit of having a writing coach is that your coach will help you stay on track.  They are your accountability buddy.  Your coach will have various assignments for you which will serve to help you complete your book. I don’t know how many people I’ve spoken with who have a great idea but are procrastinating in taking the first step.  A good writing coach will hold your feet to the fire and encourage you to get it done!  After all a finished book is ten times better than a perfect book! 

Another tip I have is to just start writing and to not worry about your writing style, grammar or your vocabulary.  You can adjust all of those things in the editing process.  But the creative process of writing is to just sit down and begin to write whatever comes into your mind, regardless of whether it is in a logical order or makes sense.  I’ve met so many people who have great ideas for a book that others I’m sure would enjoy, but they procrastinate because they look at the writing process in the wrong way and it becomes intimidating.  Don’t let that happen to you!  If you have an idea, start writing!  Get your thoughts down on paper.  You can always edit later.

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11 responses to this post.

  1. I totally agree with you! A coach is there to hold you accountable. That has always worked for me, otherwise I tend to procrastinate so much!


  2. I like what is said here, particularly getting it down on paper and editing later! That was (and still is) so hard for me to do. Thanks for this.


  3. Great post. I edit later too. I’ve coached a few people and I do find it’s helpful. I use my critique groups to keep me motivated, but coaches definitely add value.


    • Dorothy,

      Yep! Coaches certainly add a lot of value. I love my writing coach. She is one savvy gal, she knows her content area like non-other. Thanks for your input.


  4. Sounds like I need a writing coach since I keep procrastinating!


  5. Dacia,

    Thanks for your helpful tips. It was an honor to host you on my blog.


  6. Great tips, Darcia. I’ve had a writing coach for a couple of years now and agree that coaches are great writing guides. But, you have to do the work that’s involved also. A coach can guide you, but if your don’t follow and put in the effort, you’re wasting your money.


  7. Never thought of having a writing coach. Thanks for the heads up.


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