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 M E D I A  R E L E A S E
CONTACT: Nicole Weaver
Children’s Trilingual Author
For Immediate Release
Nicole Weaver’s trilingual children’s book, My Sister Is My Best Friend: A Trilingual Story, English, French, and Spanish has been awarded Creative Child Awards Program 2012 Preferred Choice Award – Kids Picture Storybooks category.



About CreatProgramive Child Awards 

Each year, Creative Child holds a 2-day event held in Henderson, Nevada where over a hundred guest reviewers (moms and education professionals) are invited to attend a review event at the local convention center. All products are divided into categories and displayed at various review stations. Guest reviewers are asked to sit and review each product at one station, then move to another station, and so forth and so on. A review form is provided to each guest to aid him or her in evaluating each product. The review forms are to include written comments and a score value based on criteria that corresponds to the product’s category.

Finally, all review forms are collected, scores tabulated, and comments reviewed. Based on the scores and comments, certain products are determined to be finalists and receive a prestigious Preferred Choice award. The Seal of Excellence is another prestigious award given to those products that are not finalists but do exceed expectations based on the criteria for nurturing creativity and education in children.

Look for My Sister Is My Best Friend: A Trilingual Story, English, French and Spanish to be featured in Creative Child‘s special holiday issue this November!


My Sister Is My Best Friend is a story about the unique and very close friendship that exists between twin sisters. The sisters celebrate their friendship and closeness by doing just about everything together. People from all cultures can relate to this heartwarming story with the text written in English/Spanish/French on each page.

About the Author

Nicole Weaver was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti. She came to the United States when she was ten years old. She is fluent in Creole, French, Spanish and English. She is a veteran teacher of French and Spanish. Her deep connection with family resulted in her writing and publishing, My Sister Is My Best Friend: A Trilingual Story, by Guardian Angel Publishing, November 2011.  Nicole has one more book under contract with Guardian Angel Publishing, My Brother Is My Best Friend. Weaver also penned the children’s trilingual picture book entitled, Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle. The story is about a Haitian little girl who resided by the beach in Haiti.


Theater Massacre: Headaches and Politics

I woke up Friday morning ready to head out to my favorite Zumba class and later an hour of weight lifting, but never left the house after learning about the theater killings. The image that appeared before me on the screen caused my heart to do a few somersaults. A former French student of mine was being interviewed. She spoke of her fear that her friends had been in the theater, and no one had been able to contact them.

I live 30 minutes from the theater and could not believe what I was seeing on television. I tried to compose myself by praying. My mind went back to the times my two older children and their friends had attended many late-night premieres of Harry Potter movies. Foolishly, even though my youngest had stayed home the night before, I still ran upstairs to make sure he was in his room. I breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing him in his bed, sound asleep.

To make matters worse, I called my daughter who lives in Los Angeles, and she was in a hurry to get off the phone. “Mom, I can’t talk to you right now, I am heading out to go see the new Batman movie.” My heart did a few more somersaults. “Please, I beg you, do not go,” I said. She was not aware of what had happened in Colorado.

Columbine has left its mark in my hometown of Littleton, Colorado. Now these senseless killings in Aurora have me very baffled. I am deeply troubled that Mayor Bloomberg of New York began politicizing the killings before the victims were identified. I am hoping this will not turn into a huge political debate.

In my opinion, this is not the time to start using a major tragedy to fulfill any type of political agenda. Clearly, James Holmes is a very sick person and it is certainly haunting the way he obtained so much ammunition. In the meantime, I am hoping all types of political agendas will not become more important than the healing and grieving process of this horrific act of violence perpetrated against innocent victims.

Article first published as Theater Massacre: Heartaches and Politics on Blogcritics

A Call for Celebration

It does not take much for me to be thankful.  In two days, it will be July 4th.  I celebrate America every day of the year.  I am very thankful to be a naturalized American citizen.  Where would I be without coming to America?  I shudder when I think about the possible answers to this question.  Originally, from Port-au-Prince Haiti, I came to the United when I turned 10.  I worked hard, took advantage of all that was available to me and went to college.  I honestly, do not think I would be alive today, had I not come to America.

Would I be among those living in tent city because of the 2010 earthquake? Would I even be alive? I try my best not to ponder upon these things, but being human, these thoughts do cross my mind.  I think in some ways it is good because it is a constant reminder that I should always remain thankful for what I have.  Therefore, in celebration of July 4th 2012, I am going to share a poem I wrote many moons ago. I LOVE YOU AMERICA!  HAPPY 4th OF JULY TO ALL!

I love America land of majesty
land of great opportunities.

I love America land that bears
the world’s burden on her shoulders

I love America land that dares
to care like none other

I love America
I salute you
I would be destitute without
your absolute pursuit of
liberty for all

I love America land of great resolute
I attribute all of my successes to you!