TV Review: ‘Black Lightning’- Season One

I have totally fallen in love with a new superhero and his name is Black Lightning, hero of the CW television series of the same name.

My interest in superhero shows began when I learned that  Candice Patton was cast for the role of Iris West,  in  The Flash.  As a person of color, it always warms my heart to see people who look like me on the TV screen. I do believe Hollywood has a long way to go when it comes to casting, more actors of color.  I watched the premiere of The Flashon October 4, 2014,  and quickly became a huge fan of the show.

One aspect of Black Lightning that resonates well with me is the fact that the main character Jefferson Pierce is not just a superhero.  He is, in my opinion, a justice warrior. It is not every day you hear a superhero comfortable quoting Martin Luther King Jr.  He does it in order to advocate for change and demonstrate the need for more equity for all people. I am so happy we have a positive representation in Black Lightning that all young black  youth can easily emulate.



The showrunners have done an outstanding job balancing a great storyline, and fun entertainment. Another aspect of the show that drew me in is how close the Pierce family is even though the mom and dad are divorced. Jefferson Pierce is very much involved in every aspect of his daughters’ life. The absence of a father in many households can wreak havoc.  All children need both parents to help raise them in order to avoid going down the road of perdition.

The themes covered in Black Lightning make this show unique.   It is not always easy to tackle police brutality, systemic racism, black youth culture, gang violence, and black parenting. If we are to make any type of progress as a society, we must be brave enough to reflect and find ways to handle some tough community issues . These issues will continue to plague us if we sit idle and do nothing. Instead of producing TV shows that lend itself to portraying people of color in a negative light, it is high time we step up our game and provide our youth with something that will help them aspire to a better future. Having immigrated from a third world country I understand fully the value of an education.   Jefferson Pierce is an advocate for education and he makes sure the students under his care learn  why education is important.

I enjoyed watching all ten episodes of season one of Black Lightning .  Show runner Salim Akil once again produced a well-written TV series  loaded with dazzling scenes and sequences.  If you have not seen Black Lightning, I  recommend you take the time to watch it! I am looking forward to season two.  If you are like me and enjoy talking about your favorite  show with other likeminded people, I highly recommend you check out the best Facebook Fan page  moderated by Lance Ausfresser .

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