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Are you a fan of mystery, suspense, romance, and the supernatural? If you answered yes, you will love Bennington Gothique. Writer/ director Gregory Connor created this unique supernatural mystery, an up-to-date version of Dark Shadows and The Edge of Night.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Connor about his project.


Can you tell the readers about the process of filming a web series?
This whole process started a year ago. So be sure to dedicate a year to your production. Make sure your script is doable within whatever restraints you have, especially budget. Know that you will have to do re-writes, sometimes even while filming.

Prepare a budget, but know that you’ll go over it (every production usually does, even the big ones). If you can get backers, get them, just know you may have to use your own money in the initial phase of your production. Show them what you can do and that your project is worth their contributions.

Surround yourself with a dedicated production team and get yourself a talented, dependable cast. SAG-AFTRA has a New Media Contract for web series which enables independent productions to cast SAG/AFTRA actors. There is no cost and you can get non-union actors into the Union.

Join organizations like L.A. Film Independent. They are great resources.

Check out other web series and compile a database of Web Series Festivals and Channels.

Research film permits before you decide to shoot without one. You will need insurance and you can get it for short term productions within reason.

Feed your actors and crew, they will appreciate it and keep showing up.

Above all, planning is very, very important. Before you do anything, make a checklist of your goals and everything that needs to be done – everything – no matter how small. You’ll be glad you did.

How did you come up with the script?
Being a writer, I have folders full of material. I had many separate notes with story and character sketches. I wanted to tell a story with star-crossed lovers, a thriller with supernatural creatures and a set of “human” characters with complex motives. So was born Bennington Gothique.

History is very important in writing a series — the past informs the present. It’s especially important in this genre. I had to first write the history of Bennington House and its generations before concentrating on the present-day action. Bennington House is the focal point, but Whitney Prep, the Marshall Estate (which neighbors the school) and the town of Port Whitney play very important roles.

It definitely references shows like Dark ShadowsThe Edge of Night, as well as As the World Turnsand Gossip Girl. Further, films like The Children’s HourThe Innocents, and the 70s horror films of Hammer were influential in this creation. All were influences, but Bennington Gothique stands on its own as a modern thriller.


Can you tell the readers about your cast members, and how you were able to determine who would play what role?
The cast is international from the U.S., Australia, South Africa and Germany. The casting process was a bit unique and actually influenced some elements of the story. Instead of one vampire, I decided to have a coven of vampires – three very distinct personalities, yet all very deadly.

You hope when auditioning actors for such a large cast that if an actor/actress is not right for one role, they would be better suited for another. Luckily, this was the case. Ultimately, it’s about chemistry and I have been lucky that my cast has it. They play off each other very well.

I understand it is very expensive to film a web series, and you are doing a fundraiser to come up with funds to finish filming. Please tell the readers about the fundraising process and what it entails?
At the moment, we don’t have studio backing or a slew of sponsors, this is an independent production in every sense of the word. We have shot some really good footage and performances much of which I have funded out-of-my-own-pocket. We definitely need help in completing our first season.

I chose to start an Indiegogo campaign for the simple reason that even if we don’t reach our target goal we receive what we’ve raised (minus 9%).

We are still actively seeking sponsors and donors outside of the campaign so if anyone wants to contribute outside of Indiegogo, they can contact me at We have all sorts of cool perks (t-shirts, music EPs, exclusive content, producer credit and more).

If you are reading this interview and you would like more concrete information about this exciting project you can check the following places. To learn about the fundraiser Please gohere. More information are available on Bennington Gothique’Website , FacebookTwitter andYoutube Channel.

My wish is for the reader and public to fully understand and see as much as possible about this one of a kind project.  To get a better understanding  of the characters you can visit  Tash – Michele,  Liza-Brittany-Yumi, and  Joshua-Robert-Mark

Do you have a set date in mind as to when Bennington Gothique will be released?
The first episode will premiere in October before Halloween on the Bennington Gothique website. Don’t miss it! Be sure to visit  the exclusive new trailer I have created for  a sneak peek ofBennington Gothique.






So very happy to announce that my book, My Sister Is My Best Friend is a finalist in the literary classic award program.  Read press release below for details.

For Immediate Release
October 1, 2012

Literary Classics

Literary Classics announces youth media award winners

RAPID CITY, SD – Literary Classics announced its 2012 selection of top book finalists for children and young adults today.  The list includes finalists from entries received all over the world.  The Literary Classics selection committee is proud to recognize the following titles in children’s and young adult literature which exemplify the criteria set forth by the Literary Classics Awards committee.

A list of the 2012 award finalists follows:

Animalogy: Animalogy Analogies, Marianne Berkes

Fantastic Flight, Barbara Bockman

Black & White, Larry Dane Brimner

The King’s Ransom, Cheryl Carpinello

Walking Through Walls, Karen Cioffi

Shield Maiden, Richard Denning

Terple Always Dream Bigger, Richie Frieman

Stalked, Kristiana Gregory

Return to Finkleton, KC Hilton

The Casting, Joyce Shor Johnson

Griffin Rising, Darby Karchut

The Reinvention of Moxie Roosevelt, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Drawn, Marie Lamba

A Box Story, Kenneth Kit Lamug

The Limit, Kristen Landon

Santa & The Little Teddy Bear, Peter John Lucking

Beautiful Wild Rose Girl, B. Magnolia

Bella & Harry Let’s Visit Athens!  Lisa Manzione

Bella & Harry Let’s Visit Cairo!  Lisa Manzione

Bella & Harry Let’s Visit London!  Lisa Manzione

Shelby & Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes, PHC Marchesi

Caves, Cannons and Crinolines, Beverly Stowe McClure

Runaway Twins, Pete Palamountain

The Stone Child, Dan Poblocki

Clara’s Great War, Evelyn Rothstein

In Memory of Dad, Maranda Russell

Young Funny and Unbalanced, David Smithyman

Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep, Kathy Stemke
The Crystal Ship, CJ Carter-Stephenson

The Great Divide, Suzanne Slade

One Pelican at a Time, Nancy Stewart

Sea Turtle Summer, Nancy Stewart

The Orphan Ship, Sterling R. Walker

My Sister is My Best Friend, Nicole Weaver

All final award levels and categories will be announced October 15, 2012.

Literary Classics, an organization dedicated to furthering excellence in literature, takes great pride in its role to help promote classic children’s literature which appeals to youth, while educating and encouraging positive values in the impressionable young minds of future generations.  Judging is based upon the criteria set forth by Literary Classics’ highly selective awards committee which honors books promoting character, vision, creativity and learning, through content which possesses the key elements found in well-crafted literature.

The Literary Classics judging committee consists of experts with backgrounds in publishing, writing, editing, design, illustration, and book reviewing.   To learn more about Literary Classics, visit their website at


Blogorama Bonanza Sponsors ,Carson Ashworth & Dennis Fedoruk Spotlight Review: Kidini Bully Prevention & Child Safety program





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I am elated to share information about a book that will help parents, and educators gain valuable knowledge about bully prevention and child safety. Bullying is so different today, because of the internet . After reading Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety Parent and Child Activity Book, I am very hopeful that parents have a way to empower their children to keep them safe from bullies.


It provides a fun, educational and interactive way to teach children how to stay safe. What resonates well with me is the eight friendly characters that make part of the Kidini Team. The book starts with a section explaining what bullying is and detailed explanations on important topics such as:


• What can your child do to avoid bullying?

• What can you do as a parent to stop your child from being bullied?

• Who is a stranger?

• What should your child do if someone grabs him/her?

• What should your child do if someone they don’t know approaches?


The book comes with two CDs that has songs and stories. There is also a set of flashcards featuring the eight friendly characters.


<img src="seo.jpg alt="seo"/>


I have seen firsthand what bullying can do to a child’s self-esteem as a victim, parent, and a classroom teacher. I believe the Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety Parent and Child Activity Book, is the most complete and interactive book available that can be used as a resource to help empower children from all walks of life. The product is being distributed by Carson Ashworth & Dennis Fedoruk. You can find out more from their: website. and Facebook


 Carson Ashworth & Dennis Fedoruk will give away three Kidini Bully Prevention books. The event starts August 20th at 12:00Am. Come back at 12:00 AM to enter to win one of the three books.


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I received products from Carson Ashworth & Dennis Fedoruk to review and giveaway. They are sponsoring the Blogorama Bonanza Back 2 School 2012 Event. I gave my honest opinion on the products reviewed. I am not responsible for shipping or lost items for the prize giveaway. The sponsor is shipping the prize for giveaway.



Blogorama Bonanza Sponsor, Brian DeMichele: TuneUp Utilities Spotlight Review



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<img src="seo.jpg alt="seo"/>

In my household with have four PCs, and the Tune-Up Utilities is just what we need to help keep us from purchasing a brand new PC. If you are short on cash and want to revive your old PC, the TuneUP Utilies will help repair your old PC at the fraction of the cost of a new one.


Why TuneUp Utilities for Back to School:


Tune-Up Utilities is a great PC Optimization software product for those families that have multiple PCs and are debating whether to purchase a new one or to refresh the older technology. This is perfect for kids going off to schools with laptops that are useful, but need more performance for multimedia applications like PhotoShop, Windows Office applications like Excel or even online PC gaming. After downloading it’s easy-to-use and will boost performance, save battery life, and even analyze or troubleshoot any issues.


How TuneUp Utilities is distributed:


The TuneUp Utilities software is a Software- As- A -Service solution where one can download directly off the site (as you are doing) or can be purchased directly off the site. They do have various resellers as well which you can find under the “Business Solutions” /Distributions tab on the website.


For more information on this great product please visit the following:


Twitter: @TuneUp4Windows


Facebook: TuneUp Fan Page


YouTube: TuneUp4Windows Channel


Google+: TuneUp Utilities Page


Podcasts: TuneUp Podcasts about Windows


One lucky winner will win one TuneUp Utilities. The event starts August 20th at 12:00Am. Come back at 12:00 AM to enter to win .


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I received products from Brian DeMichele to review and giveaway. He is sponsoring the Blogorama Bonanza Back 2 School 2012 Event. I gave my honest opinion on the products reviewed. I am not responsible for shipping or lost items for the prize giveaway. The sponsor is shipping the prize for giveaway.


































 M E D I A  R E L E A S E
CONTACT: Nicole Weaver
Children’s Trilingual Author
For Immediate Release
Nicole Weaver’s trilingual children’s book, My Sister Is My Best Friend: A Trilingual Story, English, French, and Spanish has been awarded Creative Child Awards Program 2012 Preferred Choice Award – Kids Picture Storybooks category.



About CreatProgramive Child Awards 

Each year, Creative Child holds a 2-day event held in Henderson, Nevada where over a hundred guest reviewers (moms and education professionals) are invited to attend a review event at the local convention center. All products are divided into categories and displayed at various review stations. Guest reviewers are asked to sit and review each product at one station, then move to another station, and so forth and so on. A review form is provided to each guest to aid him or her in evaluating each product. The review forms are to include written comments and a score value based on criteria that corresponds to the product’s category.

Finally, all review forms are collected, scores tabulated, and comments reviewed. Based on the scores and comments, certain products are determined to be finalists and receive a prestigious Preferred Choice award. The Seal of Excellence is another prestigious award given to those products that are not finalists but do exceed expectations based on the criteria for nurturing creativity and education in children.

Look for My Sister Is My Best Friend: A Trilingual Story, English, French and Spanish to be featured in Creative Child‘s special holiday issue this November!


My Sister Is My Best Friend is a story about the unique and very close friendship that exists between twin sisters. The sisters celebrate their friendship and closeness by doing just about everything together. People from all cultures can relate to this heartwarming story with the text written in English/Spanish/French on each page.

About the Author

Nicole Weaver was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti. She came to the United States when she was ten years old. She is fluent in Creole, French, Spanish and English. She is a veteran teacher of French and Spanish. Her deep connection with family resulted in her writing and publishing, My Sister Is My Best Friend: A Trilingual Story, by Guardian Angel Publishing, November 2011.  Nicole has one more book under contract with Guardian Angel Publishing, My Brother Is My Best Friend. Weaver also penned the children’s trilingual picture book entitled, Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle. The story is about a Haitian little girl who resided by the beach in Haiti.



Happy to announce that my publisher, Lynda Burch of Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc,  has expand to South America.

Burch says, “Guardian Angel Publishing’s global presence will continue to grow as Ingram Content Group, both Guardian Angel’s innovative printer and distributor, partner and purchase more facilities around the world.”

Lynda S. Burch, Publisher

Ingram Content Group announces worldwide expansion with the launch of Global CONNECT, a print and distribution program and its first alliance with Brazil’s Singular Digital 
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Ingram Content Group Inc. today announced the launch of Global CONNECT, a new worldwide program combining Ingram’s print and distribution services and a network of book manufacturers around the world, with state-of-the-art print on demand technology and connectivity to local networks of retailers. Singular Digital, a leading book manufacturer in Brazil with extensive regional distribution, will launch Ingram’s South American expansion.(The company is the only complete broad-based digital distributor in Brazil, serving over 1,000 Brazilian bookstores – including all the major chains – all the Brazilian book distributors, and the local author and publisher communities.)

“Today’s marketplace is no longer bound by national borders or languages. Global access offers publishers an untapped opportunity, and Ingram is reshaping the content distribution model to help them realize their full business potential,” said David “Skip” Prichard, President and CEO, Ingram Content Group. “The pairing of Ingram’s distribution strength and proven print-on-demand solutions with leading providers in key territories creates a comprehensive solution that is truly unmatched in the industry today.”

Mr. Prichard continued, “Making the right content available, in the right format, to the right audience is key to success. Ingram’s Global Connect program was built to accomplish this for our customers on a worldwide scale.”

Ingram’s Global Connect program is more than just a printer network. It expands the reach of publisher’s physical content beyond Ingram’s current channels, which include Ingram-owned facilities in the U.S., U.K., Australia and France, to new markets through a network of selected book manufacturing and distribution partners. What differentiates Ingram’s Global Connect program from other printer network solutions is the unique combination of print on demand alliances with established local retail channel relationships. Publishers will gain access to new sales channels without the worry of inventory in market, importation and customs issues, and shipping and warehousing costs. No matter where their readers are, publishers can now reach them and never miss a sale.





Newly Released Kindle EBook

Cover of my newly published Ebook. Can you imagine giving birth on September Eleven, 2001? I am sure there are a ton of kids born on that terrible day. I know two who were born on 9/11, this inspired me to write a story titled: My Birthday is September 11. It is a thought-provoking story for all readers. The Ebook titled My Birthday is September Eleven and Other Short Stories is available on Kindle. See description below:

Growing up is filled with new experiences and they partner emotions. Our trials in life teach us compassion and help us to empathize with others. Our difficulties make us who we are, helping each of us to find our place in the world.

In this collection of short stories, simple acts of kindness make a world of difference in the lives of individuals. The theme of compassion weaves through all five stories, inspiring readers to discover this important lesson in life; we were created to help others.

My Birthday is September Eleven- A story about a boy who was born on 9/11. When the reader steps into the world of Matthew he or she will recognize the undercurrent of mourning that will help all to never forget 9/11.

Zebra Boy – A biracial boy is spared further teasing when his best friend comes to his rescue.

The Good Samaritan – A group of fifth-graders raise funds to help a fellow classmate who needs money for a life-saving surgery.

No More Hunger – Ronald, a Haitian boy whose village was virtually wiped out by a devastating hurricane, becomes a victim of abject poverty. He is later rescued when the well-respected Madame Wilson takes it upon herself to nourish him back to health.

A New Life – A biracial boy experiences many hardships before being adopted by a caring couple.


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To all my women author friends:  Today I celebrate you and thank you for your unrelenting support of me.  I am wishing you all the best life has to offer.  Have a super, duper day!