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HARRIETI can’t tell you how happy I am that Harriet will get this honor.  America is finally waking up and doing something right for a change.  This is a huge victory for African Americans!  African Americans have yet to fully enjoy true freedom , and yet our ancestors  were the ones who worked themselves to death to make America what it is today.

The new show Underground is  bringing to light the history of what slaves endured in order to escape a life of servitude to the greedy, inhumane  whites that kept them enslaved.  Even though Underground is by far my favorite show on television, but I am truly  saddened with the way black people, my ancestors , were treated like animals.

America can NEVER in a trillion years, make true and full  amends for her sins when it comes to slavery!  Putting Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill, is a step in the right direction, but certainly  minuscule .

True change will occur when Americans  make a concerted effort to look at how “white privilege” is perceived and how it has shaped and fueled racism in the United States for far too long. Effective change can only begin with looking at a person of color the same way whites have been looked at for centuries in America. Until we do that, we will continue to have racial inequalities. The task will require deliberate overhaul for any change to take place.

Unfortunately, I am very pessimistic about any genuine change , especially when you have a presidential candidate in Donald Trump making outrageous  statements calling blacks lazy. These types of negative diatribes only take us further away from bringing about racial healing.

In the meantime, I am going to rejoice  in the fact that the  powers to be, felt compelled to throw a few crumbs our way by putting my hero, Harriet Tubman, on the twenty dollar bill.



The more I thought about the killings of nine innocent people, the more I realize that America has a very dangerous enemy lurking around. That enemy is America’s aversion to change. I believe the election of Barack Obama has ushered in the most profound change in the field of race America has experienced since the Civil War. In short, the election of Barack Obama is shaking the foundations on which America has existed for centuries.


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One individual tweeted this: “Convince me Obama isn’t doing the happy dance over Charleston. He created and feeds this climate of racial violence”

Really? I suppose Obama is also responsible for all the evils of slavery that kept African-Americans shackled. The stupidity of some people is mind-boggling. If we are to move forward as a country, we must make a concerted effort to fight our resistance to change. Like it or not it is 2015, not 1900 or 1960 . It is time to move forward.

Those people that want to label the SC killer as mentally ill, I have one question for you all Why a black church? Why kill innocent black people?

Dr. Ben Carson said “If we are to overcome our country’s tremendous problems, first we must come together as Americans, as brothers and sisters, and heal.”

I wish it was that simple, but not all whites want to come together with blacks.
The media is doing a fine job to make sure the races remain divided. Sorry,‪#‎Bill‬ ‪#‎O‬‘Reilly , the spin does not stop here, it begins with ‪#‎FoxNews‬. It infuriates me that self-righteous man makes millions by using hot-button issues, such as race, to scare his white audience, spark controversy and increase his ratings.

And of course , I have to include idiots like ‪#‎Rush‬ ‪#‎Limbaugh‬ and ‪#‎Sean‬‪#‎Hannity‬, the two darlings of the right .

So, is there hope for America? Yes, because ‪#‎not‬ ‪#‎all‬ ‪#‎americans‬ ‪#‎are‬‪#‎racist‬!