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  1. Would you like to add me to your site? My website is listed above!


  2. wow a Haitian sister that loves books, languages, writing and a passion for Haiti, never thought it would be possible. it is good to find another lover of words. I will keep reading your words.


  3. Nicole, if you review books by other publishers, Little Pickle Press has several titles in the What Does It Mean To Be…? series that are also available in French and Spanish. Email me if you are interested in getting review copies. Thank you!


  4. Nicole,

    Thanks for hoting me on Monday…Virtual Tour…I’m a little tardy with my thank you….love your site and would love to link it to mine.

    Thanks again…Carol


    • Hi Carol,

      Thanks for stopping by to say thank you. I have hosted many authors who have not had the courtesy to stop by and say thank you, so I do appreciate greatly you taking the time to stop by. By all means feel free to link my site to yours. Have a grand day!


      Nicole Weaver


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