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Do you believe in divine intervention? I do. I believe we are all here for a reason and God allows us to go through trials and tribulations in order to mold us into the person he wants us to be. To the non-believer this may come across as foolishness, but as a follower of Christ, I hold on very tightly to my faith in Godly favors.

After reading Jan Haas’ book, Moving Mountains: One Woman’s Fight to Live Again, I am even more convinced God has us go through many hardships for a specific purpose. We all encounter challenges in life. In the case of Jan, she faced death and by prayers from her community, church and loved ones, her story of tragedy became one of triumph.

We are not promised to have a perfect human experience, but when tragedy strikes, we must find the strength to move forward. Jan became deadly ill with invasive strep A infection, which should have killed her after giving birth to her third child. Her story re-affirmed that God is good and he is willing to answer our prayers even when we are too weak to pray for ourselves.

Personally, I have never crossed paths with death, but my daughter and youngest son did. Like Jan, the only alternative is to let others help you embrace the pain through prayers. Lucky for my children and me I had an army of people praying and through their intercessions, both my daughter and son survived the storm of death.

Jan Haas’ story is a great reminder that though we may not fully understand God’s motives, but he is always willing to turn us from victims to victors. The one thing that resonates well with me is Jan’s attitude of gratitude. Yes! Instead of being bitter, she embraces life.

So, if you find yourself needing inspiration to remove the mountains of trouble you might be facing, I encourage you grab a copy of Jan Haas’ book. Her prose will alter your heart forever and leave you feeling hopeful and grateful.

Article first published as Book Review: Moving Mountains by Jan Haas on Blogcritics.

Book Review: 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out by Lauren E Miller

International best selling author Lauren Miller’s new book, 99 Things you wish you Knew Before Stressing Out, will change your live forever. The author chronicles 99 things one can do to help keep stress at bay. Miller’s own experience through two of the top stressors at the same time, cancer, and divorce makes her an expert in how she is able to empower her readers with practical, valuable, and easy to use information.

When applied, the advice in the book holds the potential to transform one’s perception of life, thus making it easier to handle life’s curve balls.

On a personal note, reading the book opened my eyes and ushered me through the doors of deliverance and a new way to live life.

Examples of my favorite stress advice:

#41: Are You a “Take Everything Personally” Addict?

As a child, I was verbally abused, and because of it, I suffered many years with low self-esteem issues. Reading section 41 made me realize I have to assume the position of the observer not the reactor. Miller drove her point in a very succinct and easy to understand fashion. In fact, I have a copy of the following lines taken from page 76 of her book engraved in my soul:

“The bottom line; don’t give your power away to any human being. You only feel inferior by your own consent; you can apply this to any emotional response.” 

#42: It’s Not Rejection, It’s Just Direction

February 2012, I lost my teaching position to a less qualified younger teacher. Needless, to say I was devastated. It took me three months to find a new position. What appeared to have been a major blow turned out to be a major blessing. I now teach at a school twenty minutes from my home. More importantly, my principal treats me with the utmost respect and I love working with the diverse student body. As a polyglot who speaks fluent Creole, English, French, and Spanish I feel very lucky to be working at a high school where the students speak sixty different languages.

#82: The Rainbow in The Midst of the Storm

I have weathered through many storms, but the worst had to be when my 16-year-old son came near death summer 2012. His symptoms started with a sore throat. Next, his fever rose to 104. He was admitted to the ICU with no clear answers to what was the cause of his illness. After five days in the hospital, he was sent home with oral antibiotics. Two days later, he was in surgery. The final diagnosis: He had Lemierre’s Disease, a very serious condition that starts with a peritonsillar abscess, a blood clot, filled with bacteria near the tonsils in the jugular vein. If this infection is not caught in time, the blood clot will start to break apart and travel to the lungs and other major organs. The bacteria first attacked my son’s liver and later settled in his hip joint. This is why he had to have surgery.

My world swirled out of control with my son’s illness, and I had no choice but to search for the rainbows in the midst of the storm. I turned to God and prayers and in the end; my son’s life was spared. Very few teen that get Lemierre’s Disease make it out of the hospital alive.

I do not know what is going on in your life; all I know is 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out will help you take back the ability to live life in a more meaningful way. The practical and effective information will serve as a blue print for you to apply so you can keep stress at bay.

Article first published as Book Review: 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out by Lauren E Miller on Blogcritics.


Book Review: Hearing his Whispers: A Journey Through Cancer and Divorce by Lauren Miller

I enjoy reading inspirational books. Hearing His Whispers by Lauren Miller not only inspired me, but it taught me to become a more committed believer in God.

 Along with the inspirations came many hours of non-stop tears. Can you imagine at the young age of 38 going through a divorce and at the same time fighting for your life? Well, Lauren Miller was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma two weeks prior to her final divorce court date.

The author chronicles her conversations with Jesus before, during, and after her divorce and cancer experience. All women should read Lauren’s book. It is a story about surviving even though the prognosis was very dim. It is a story of hope that will change you from an atheist to a believer. The author skillfully brings the bible to life allowing the reader to enter the experience of believing God when all else fails.

My favorite passage in the book:

Page 194- “What I have learned through this experience is that it has taken cancer to wake me up to the truth that with or without cancer… my life, my breath, the lengths of my days on earth are all ultimately out of my control…now What does this realization lead me to? Freedom! Lord, you are leading me into a freedom to be and to live just as I am, not because of anything I accomplish or achieve or any way I dress or physically look in this world.”

The above passage rings so true to me because we have zero control of how long we all have on this earth. The best you can do is to be thankful for each day. The words in Lauren’s book give hope and encouragement to those seeking refuge from trials that are too much to bear.

If suddenly life decides to throw you some unexpected curb balls, I recommend you read Hearing His Whispers so can you find hope and peace.

For more information on Lauren Miller, please visit her website.

Article first published as Book Review: Hearing his Whispers: A Journey Through Cancer and Divorce by Lauren Miller on Blogcritics.