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Creative play is very important because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of a child. After reading Clara Smith’s book, Elliott and Anastacia, I am reminded of the true benefits children can reap from play. An optimal developmental milieu should be balanced with academics and plenty opportunities for free play

Elliott and Anastacia are cuddly koalas that do everything together. It is a very powerful story that chronicles two friends doing what every child should do in order to develop cognitively and socially. I love the simplicity of the story. The story paints a genuine picture in the lives of two close friends.

Pre-school teachers, parents, grandmothers can use this well written book to teach children about the value of sharing and letting others take turn.
I love the following lines in the book that shows clearly this important lesson:

“Sometimes they do things Anastacia enjoys more. Like looking at the stars, Or painting pictures.

“Sometimes, they do things Elliott enjoys more,like playing soccer.”

The one lesson that comes to mind from reading Clara Smith’s book is parents today should get back to the very basic. It is certainly a great idea to let a child be a child. It starts with providing that child plenty of time to branch out and play, play, play. This activity is free and the benefits are numerous.

If you are a parent, pre-school teacher, and grandmother looking for a great book with a valuable lesson, I highly recommend Clara Smith’s book.

Clara Smith is one of the unique authors who can both write and illustrate her own book. Her colorful and carefree illustrations brings the story to life.

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