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Book Review: Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety Parent and Child Activity Book by Michael Graves

I remember too well the first time I was bullied. I attended school in New York and did not speak a word of English. At 10 years of age, I had moved from Port-au-Prince Haiti to Brooklyn, New York to live with my mother. It was hard enough learning a new language and culture; I did not need to be teased and made fun of because of my French accent.

Today as I look back on my childhood days, I am both sad and happy. Sad because it took me a long time to overcome the self-esteem issues associated with being bullied. Happy, because my personal experiences with bullying enabled me to help many of my students and my own children.

However, today, I am elated to share information about a book that will help parents, and educators gain valuable knowledge about bully prevention and child safety. Bullying is so different today, because of the internet . After reading Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety Parent and Child Activity Book, I am very hopeful that parents have a way to empower their children to keep them safe from bullies.

It provides a fun, educational and interactive way to teach children how to stay safe. What resonates well with me is the eight friendly characters that make part of the Kidini Team. The book starts with a section explaining what bullying is and detailed explanations on important topics such as:

• What can your child do to avoid bullying?
• What can you do as a parent to stop your child from being bullied?
• Who is a stranger?
• What should your child do if someone grabs him/her?
• What should your child do if someone they don’t know approaches?

The book comes with two CDs that has songs and stories. There is also a set of flashcards featuring the eight friendly characters.

I have seen firsthand what bullying can do to a child’s self-esteem as a victim, parent, and a classroom teacher. I believe the Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety Parent and Child Activity Book, is the most complete and interactive book available  that can be used as a resource to help empower children from all walks of life.

I highly recommend this book without any reservations.You can find out more from  the creators; website. and Facebook:


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Theater Massacre: Headaches and Politics

I woke up Friday morning ready to head out to my favorite Zumba class and later an hour of weight lifting, but never left the house after learning about the theater killings. The image that appeared before me on the screen caused my heart to do a few somersaults. A former French student of mine was being interviewed. She spoke of her fear that her friends had been in the theater, and no one had been able to contact them.

I live 30 minutes from the theater and could not believe what I was seeing on television. I tried to compose myself by praying. My mind went back to the times my two older children and their friends had attended many late-night premieres of Harry Potter movies. Foolishly, even though my youngest had stayed home the night before, I still ran upstairs to make sure he was in his room. I breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing him in his bed, sound asleep.

To make matters worse, I called my daughter who lives in Los Angeles, and she was in a hurry to get off the phone. “Mom, I can’t talk to you right now, I am heading out to go see the new Batman movie.” My heart did a few more somersaults. “Please, I beg you, do not go,” I said. She was not aware of what had happened in Colorado.

Columbine has left its mark in my hometown of Littleton, Colorado. Now these senseless killings in Aurora have me very baffled. I am deeply troubled that Mayor Bloomberg of New York began politicizing the killings before the victims were identified. I am hoping this will not turn into a huge political debate.

In my opinion, this is not the time to start using a major tragedy to fulfill any type of political agenda. Clearly, James Holmes is a very sick person and it is certainly haunting the way he obtained so much ammunition. In the meantime, I am hoping all types of political agendas will not become more important than the healing and grieving process of this horrific act of violence perpetrated against innocent victims.

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