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Book Review: Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety Parent and Child Activity Book by Michael Graves

I remember too well the first time I was bullied. I attended school in New York and did not speak a word of English. At 10 years of age, I had moved from Port-au-Prince Haiti to Brooklyn, New York to live with my mother. It was hard enough learning a new language and culture; I did not need to be teased and made fun of because of my French accent.

Today as I look back on my childhood days, I am both sad and happy. Sad because it took me a long time to overcome the self-esteem issues associated with being bullied. Happy, because my personal experiences with bullying enabled me to help many of my students and my own children.

However, today, I am elated to share information about a book that will help parents, and educators gain valuable knowledge about bully prevention and child safety. Bullying is so different today, because of the internet . After reading Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety Parent and Child Activity Book, I am very hopeful that parents have a way to empower their children to keep them safe from bullies.

It provides a fun, educational and interactive way to teach children how to stay safe. What resonates well with me is the eight friendly characters that make part of the Kidini Team. The book starts with a section explaining what bullying is and detailed explanations on important topics such as:

• What can your child do to avoid bullying?
• What can you do as a parent to stop your child from being bullied?
• Who is a stranger?
• What should your child do if someone grabs him/her?
• What should your child do if someone they don’t know approaches?

The book comes with two CDs that has songs and stories. There is also a set of flashcards featuring the eight friendly characters.

I have seen firsthand what bullying can do to a child’s self-esteem as a victim, parent, and a classroom teacher. I believe the Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety Parent and Child Activity Book, is the most complete and interactive book available  that can be used as a resource to help empower children from all walks of life.

I highly recommend this book without any reservations.You can find out more from  the creators; website. and Facebook:


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How do you know whether you have a True Friend?

A true friend will have your best interest at all times.   That true friend will never put you down, especially in front of other people.  It took me a long time to come to terms that some people are simply mean spirited and it is best to stay away from them.

I think everyone would like to have at least one person he or she can call a true friend.  After being verbally abused by an individual that I thought was a friend, I realize it is best to re-evaluate the genuine attributes of what a friend is supposed to have.  You know, someone does not care for you when he or she starts badmouthing you to your own children.  In my opinion, this is the ultimate sign that person was never really a friend but a foe.

I also believe we all make mistakes and may say something that may offend others.  I must admit I am guilty of offending friends and the best thing to do is to apologize. However, making a habit of saying ill things about others is not a way to build friendship.

One must be a friend before you can have a friend.  What do you do, if you have gone out of your way to be a loyal friend and still the other person does not return the same loyalty towards you?  Should you end the friendship? Every situation is unique. In my case, I had no choice but to end the friendship.  It is hard to teach an adult right from wrong. Some people mistake kindness for weakness and use it to control and inflict harm to others. An individual who derives pleasure in putting others down is one with low self-esteem.  There is not much one can do to change a person with character issues.

How do you know whether you have a True Friend? The answer to that question is very simple. A true friend will always be there for you. He or she will not badmouth you to your own children. He or she will be there in good and bad times.   I hope you will experience the joy of finding a true friend .